Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My First Tag!!

8 TV shows I watch:
1. The Office
2. Amazing Race
3. Gilmore Girls (I don't watch a lot of shows that are on t.v. now so they're all mostly old seasons of shows that I watch)
4. Arrested Development
5. Anything on the Food Network!!!!!
6. Iron Chef America (my favorite on the Food Network)
7. Heros (but not lately)
8. Alias

8 favorite restaurants:
1. Olive Garden
2. Wingers
3. BC Chicken and Ribs
4. Training Table
5. Texas Roadhouse!!!
6. Iggy's
7. Tepanyaki
8. Little Ceasars (not exactly a restaraunt but I love it)

8 things that happened yesterday:
1. Went to work
2. Went to class
3. Went to work again (are we catching a pattern that this is all I do)
4. Had works version of Thanksgiving dinner which included chick-fil-a nuggets and homemade french fries, it was good!!!
5. Did homework
6. Got a lot better on one of my tests than I thought (he put it in out of 100 instead of out of 50)!!!!!!
7. Felt sick so I rested at home
8. Watched Friends

8 things I'm looking forward to:
1. End of the semester!!!
2. Graduating
3. Tomorrow because it's Thanksgiving and I have the day off
4. Christmas
5. Vacations (any)
6. Being done with my 10-15 page paper
7. Knowing what internship I'm doing next (or summer) semester
8. Four Christmas tonight (it looks hilarious)

8 things on my wish list:
1. Portable dishwasher
2. To be done with school
3. A clean house
4. Good grades
5. Sleep
6. Jazz tickets (I love them)
7. Movies (I can never have enough) and Office season 4
8. Spa getaway but the list could go on and on

8 things I love:
1. Tim
2. Family
3. The babies (my neices and nephews)
4. Going on vacation (anywhere is good by me)
5. Sleep
6. Food
7. Reading, especially when taking a long bath (which is another thing I love)
8. Movies

8 things I can't stand:
1. Traffic
2. Slow drivers
3. Construction
4. Stupid teachers
5. Stupid advisors (namely the one who didn't tell me I needed to take a certain class before my internship)
6. Certain stupid people at my work (I won't name names)
7. Long papers
8. Not having a dishwasher

8 people I tag:
1. No specifics, just whoever wants to


Erika said...

I'm still so mad I never used my spa certificate from me and Nate's first Christmas! Like, what the heck is wrong with me! someday I will definitely need to experience a spa. So next time you go you tell me.

Sara said...

Hi Tim and Kristin! We found your blog. Hope you guys are doing well!