Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

The other night Tim came home and suprised me with a couple of pumpkins because I've been complaining that I want to do something for Halloween but we didn't have time. I was so excited because I can't even remember the last time I carved pumpkins. I always did the same thing (the triangle eyes and nose with a zigzagy mouth) so I decided to do something different this time. Tim was so clever with his drunken pumpkin so I decided to do a play off of that and do a love drunk pumpkin. But I can't really take full credit for mine because it was too tough for me to carve the pumpkin (I'm a little weakling plus it really was hard) so Tim carved it for me; but it was my idea. Anyway, I think they're pretty cool and it was a ton of fun!!


Erika said...

Ha ha you guys are too clever, great pumpkins. You need to post you guys dressed up cause I forgot to look at the pictures today and Nate said Tim's Two Face turned out awesome.

Daniel and Ashley said...

KRISTIN!! I am SO excited to hear from you!!! That just made my week! I have been wondering how you are doing? Your pictures are beautiful! and awesome pumpkins!! :)