Monday, October 20, 2008

He's Back!!!!

Tim is officially home from hunting!! I'm so excited that he's finally home but I'm also glad that he had a lot of fun on his trips; although he didn't shoot any elk or deer but he did get a couple pheasants. He went the first weekend in October for 6 days and he went this past weekend for just a couple of days. It sucked not having him around (I was going through withdrawls) but it was fun hanging out with my family and hanging out with friends that I hadn't seen in way too long. I stayed at my parents while he was gone because we arent' exactly living in the best neighborhood and I it's a lot more fun than hanging out by myself and sleeping in our big bed by myself. It was tons of fun hanging out with them! A lot of stuff happened too. The first thing I need to mention is on the way to Kristy's baby shower I got rear ended. It was the most bizzare experience because I motioned for her to follow me (both of our cars were still good enough to drive and it was in a busy intersection) and next thing I know she's driving away from me. So I had to follow her and of course I was an idiot and didn't call the cops but it didn't seem like there was any damage to my car and I thought I was being nice. Later that week my check engine light came on and I was freaking out but nothing ended up being wrong. Thank goodness. So back to the Logan trip. It was so awesome seeing you guys again! It had been way too long. Nothing else interesting really happened while he was gone; even though it was very busy. Thanks to everyone who kept me entertained while he was gone. Love you guys.

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Brian and Kristy said...

I'm so glad you came up to see us. It has been way too long and it was so good to see you. We need to get together more often. Seriously Logan isn't that far from Ogden. Maybe we'll just show up on your doorstep one of these days!